About Us

Established in Singapore in 1994, Kimoe Trading is today one of the world’s leading confectionary companies with a strong portfolio of over 300 brands. Our success is down to our unwavering commitment to serving our customers well and driving the best deals through our wide network of manufacturers and distributors.

Tailor-made product development

We partner with you to create new products for your company, working within your price, product and quality specifications. As consultants in the industry for many years, we provide expert advice on the basics of ingredient selection and formula right through to packaging design, size and weight, ensuring that you get the absolute best deal there is for your product.

About Us
About Us

Quality manufacturing

Over the years, we have developed close relationships with a host of manufacturers around the Asia region. We draw on the strengths of individual manufacturers to source the right one for your product, and negotiate the price on your behalf to ensure that your costs are kept to a minimum.

Worldwide distribution at lower costs

We have a global distribution network that can bring your products wherever you need them worldwide. We are able to consolidate orders from multiple vendors and ship to a single destination at bulk cost, passing the cost savings on to our customers.

Create your own brand through our OEM services

With our contacts in the industry, we are able to help you acquire products for reuse and adaptation into your own product brand.